What We Do

Inventive Technology and Gaming

We are a fully enabled startup that focuses mainly around inventing and bringing to life Consumer and Business based products within VR, Robotics, Mobile, Web, Video Gaming, and Wearable Engineered Technology. We are an ambitious creative organization

that believes if you can think it we can find a solution to create it. Aside from our own projects we also help our community by providing Development and Design Services and IT Consulting Services.


Who We are

A woman led startup with a vision.

Starting this adventure as early as 2002, Round House Games and Technology has evolved from the vision of just helping individuals with computer support and web design projects and one day create a MMORPG to now a fully serviceable VR Robotics, Mobile, Web, Video Game, and Wearable technology Company. We still hold true to assisting individuals with development and design services and consulting on computer problems but we have come a long way in our already amazing journey.



We provide our community with experience in development/design and technology services

From the simplest question about a mobile device or network or computer problem to setup and support on a larger scale we provide affordable technology services to our community to individuals and small businesses. We service locally here in the midwest but also remotely world wide.



We not only service our community but we inspire within.

Aeryn: The Nightmares of Fau

MMORPG console, PC, and VR game. Fantasy/Sci-fi themed.


Mobile app and Wearable technology for mental and physical health monitoring.


Mobile Application and Platform for lifestyle advice and mingling


A learning platform to assist kids and individuals that live with learning disabilities.


Mobile App Gaming platform, to pass time on mini games.


Artificial intelligent engineered Robot to assist individuals with Physical disabilities and Mental Illness.

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